Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jive weaves 12 poles

Jive has been busy with plenty of foundation jumping, I bought the DVD One Jump, Two Jump. It is a really good DVD for young dogs. We have been working on our lead out pivots, rear crosses, front crosses, pull throughs, push throughs, post turns and serpentines. As Jive is still a young dog I only ever do 10 minutes of training a couple of times a day. We make it fun and fast so he does not have time to get bored. We have also progressed with his weavers which he can do all by himself.

Jive has been a busy boy in the last couple of weeks, he went camping for the first time. As Katie and Kris decided to enter Mt Gambier trial which is in Sth Australia and a six hour drive from home. Jive was a very good boy on the long trip and also camping in a tent. The following weekend we went camping again this time it was a four hour drive to Warrnambool, nice trial but it did not stop raining all weekend, it was a shame as we could not take the dogs to the beach as it was just too wet.

Jazz and Jive getting ready for their big trip.

Jazz and Jive had a lot of trouble jumping of the banks of the dam into the water so Kris and John built a jetty to help them jump into the dam,

Jazz and Jive diving from the new jetty, it takes a bit of persuasion but at last they now will jump into the water.