Monday, June 28, 2010

Second visit to Jive in Quarrantine

It was a cold winters day in Melbourne, but luckily the sun came out in the afternoon as I drove to Spotswood Quarrantine for the second time to visit Jive. Katie was at work so went by myself, silly me forgot my camera but did some videoing on my tripod. Jive was very glad to see me when I went to his kennel to get him. We had to work hard to keep warm so we had some fun doing a bit of shadow handling, and basic obedience, he is such a good boy. Gave him a brush and he just lay back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I took my flask of coffee and a picnic rug so Jive and I had a bit of a picnic in the exercise yard as we had three hours to fill in.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Meeting Jive in Quarrantine 25/06/10

The day finally had arrived where we met Jive, it was so great to see that little face poking out of his enclosure, he had a great big smile on his face when we came and said hello to him. What a lovely friendly boy he is, nothing seems to phase him with having that big adventure travelling halfway across the world on and off planes, in different kennels, meeting lots of strangers, he just wags his tail  and trys to give you lots of kisses. He certainly loves people and just seems to love life

Visiting hours were 1pm-4pm, Katie and I arrived just after 1pm and spent nearly three hours with him. We were allowed to take him to the exercise area where we played with him and gave him lots of treats and toys, wow he certainly loves his food. Our time was up way too soon, we felt like sneaking him out of the gate and taking him home with us, but of course we did the right thing and put hime back in his kennel, and left him with a nice big juicy bone.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jives arrives in Australia 24/06/10

Good news James from the IPTLAX has emailed us and told us that Jive has arrived safely in Melbourne this morning at approx 7.45am after a 15 hour trip from Los Angeles to Melbourne Airport.

Katie rang quarrantine this afternoon the girl she spoke to said it looks as if he travelled really well they are very happy with him. They said he is now getting used to his surroundings and has eaten and gone to the toilet. The girl from quarrantine said he has a great personality and is such a happy boy.

Jive needs to be seen by a vet before we are allowed to take him out side in the off lead area for a big run and the vet will be seeing him this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Katie and I will be visiting him tomorrow Friday 25th June. We are allowed to bring him toys and bones, the girl Katie spoke to on the phone sounds really nice and generally sounded like she really likes him. She will be his carer for his entire stay.

Only one more sleep before we meet Mr Jive, and we will be taking lots of photos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jive arrives in Los Angeles 21/06/2010

An email from James of  International Pet Transportation, Inc. informing us that Jive had arrived in Los Angeles safe and well.

Hello Katie and Brittney,

We have your little Jive here safe and sound, he is doing well with us settling in to our kennel facility. He has been playing in our enclosed area enjoying his time outside his kennel.
He seemed to have had a good flight and did not mess the travel crate.
We will keep in touch tomorrow with updates on his status.

He is looking great!

Best regards,


International Pet Transportation, Inc.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jive's last day at Oregon U.S

Brittany and Lori drove Jive to the airport on the 21st June 2010, it was a very sad day for them as they had nine months with Jive and they both fell in love with Mr Jive man.

Jive had a photo shoot with all of his relatives on his last day in Oregon.

Left to right: Kate (great great grandma), Lash (grandma) Jen (great grandma) Rumor (mom) Singe (dad) and Risk (grandma)

Front row: Brothers Jive and Moe

Brittany also put a slide show together on Jive's first nine months living at Oregon.

This is a video of Jive's great, great grandma Kate in her hey day also Brittany's heart dog.
Kate was named Triathlete of dog sports by Animal Planet in 2004. This is a video that was done to showcase her versatility in dog sports.

A video of Jive's grandma Risk on Singe's side semi final and finals Grand Prix run at the 2007 USDAA Cynosports.  See family photo above of Risk.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jive's flight has been booked

Good news Brittney has booked Jive's flight he is flying to Portland airport then to LA on 21st June 2010.His flight has also been booked from LA to Australia, Jive will be arriving in Melbourne on Thursday the 24th June. Katie and I have Friday afternoon off from work to go and visit Jive where he will need to spend 30 days in quarrantine.

Jive playing with his grandmothers pups