Friday, September 9, 2011

Jive gains his Excellent Jumping Title

Jive has been having fun with lots with running in the bush every morning the last couple of months, he gets so excited when John gets up every morning he knows it is time for his run in the bush. He whines, runs in circles, in and out of the dog door, and virtually tells John to hurry up he wants to run in the bush. They all go for an hour every morning. But this week is the last week for a while as it is warming up and it is too dangerous with snake season. So the dogs need to be happy with a run around the paddock and lots more agility training.

Jive has excelled all of our expectations, we counted his quallies last week and for 17 quallies he has had 17 wins, what a great achievment. He now has his excellent jumping title and will be running in Masters Jumping in a couple of weeks. Jive will be having his second birthday this month. As we have an average of 60 plus dogs in masters jumping it will be difficult to keep his record of all first places, but I am sure he will have fun trying.

Photo of all his ribbons he has collected in the last couple of months.

Excellent Agility 40.52 61 1st Place Q 03-Sep-11

Excellent Jumping
State Trial 21.39 40 1st Place Q 03-Sep-11
Hastings 20.34 32 1st Place Q 27-Aug-11
Warringal 24.63 40 1st Place Q 18-Jun-11
Scottish Breeds 23.95 40 1st Place Q 05-Jun-11
Croydon 21.92 35 1st Place Q 28-May-11
Knox 23.93 40 1st Place Q 21-May-11

Novice Jumping
Ballarat 18.06 40 1st Place Q 01-May-11
ADVC 17.9 40 1st Place Q 24-Apr-11
Launceston 17.91 34 1st Place Q 26-Mar-11
Hobart 1st Place Q

Novice Agility
Moorabbin 27.63 58 1st Place Q 16-Jul-11
Moorabbin 26.63 60 1st Place Q 16-Jul-11
Sale 30.91 65 1st Place Q 13-Jun-11
ADCV 30 67 1st Place Q 24-Mar-11

Novice Gamble pts
State Trial 2011 59.86 60 1st place 56 points 03-Sep-11
Novice Strategic Pairs
Tassie 1st Place Q 01-Apr-11

Below is a couple of Jives runs in Excellent Jumping and Excellent Agility