Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jive comes home at last

It was a busy day today for Jive, Katie and Kris picked up Jive at AQIS this morning at 9.30am. Hooray at long last.

Goodbye AQIS

Jive in the car on his way to his new home

Katie and Kris went straight home to introduce Jive to Kirra and Jive's girlfriend Nakita, we were a bit worried about Nakita as she sometimes does not like certain dogs but they got on as if they knew each other all their lives. What a little hussy!!!!!!
See video below.

Then after introductions at Katie's house they drove to my place, Jive got to meet my three dogs, Merlot, Jazz and Ace. No problems at all they all got on so well, so we took them all for a run in the bush which is behind my place, they had the best time, Jive was beside himself he just ran and ran. And thanks to Brittany he has the best recall, every time he went off for a run we called his name he came bounding back, gave him a treat and then off he went again.

After their run they were all so muddy as it is winter in Australia, very wet and muddy conditions. We decided they could get clean by going for a swim in the dam, Jive decided I will get wet but not too sure on the swim, he watched as Nakita did lots of diving and swimming, he will eventually get the swimming idea maybe when we go in with him in the warmer months.

Nakita diving in the water and Jazz and Jive looking on.

Ace running with Jive

Dogs after their run
From left: Nakita, Kirra, Jive, Jazz, Merlot and Ace

After a great run and swim in dam, Katie decided Jive needed a hydro bath, so off he went for a bath and blowdry.

After that he came inside and jumped on the couch and watched some of our agility runs from last weekend. He was a very tired boy at the end of the day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only five days to go

Jive only has another five days in prison then he will finally be free, it seems to be going on forever but finally we are down to the last week.

Katie and Kris had another visit to Jive last week, Katie started teaching Jive to shake hands, he is very quick to learn new stuff.

Katie bought Jive a new blue collar and lead, ready for his big escape this Saturday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bath Time for Jive

I decided to give Jive a hydrobath at quarrantine on my visit to Jive yesterday, as he started to smell a bit.
Jive enjoyed his nice warm hydo bath and was a good boy especially when I put on the loud dryer he did not like the noise but put up with it. Now we have a nice sweet smelling boy.

Jive getting towel dried after his bath.

Jive enjoying his pigs ear after his bath

Friday, July 9, 2010

Case of the Missing Bed

We settled Jive into his new bed in his kennel, he loved his new round bed, so we thought at least he will be nice and warm on these cold Melbourne nights. Alas the next time I visited Jive I went to check his kennel and no bed, his mattress and extra blankets were there but no round bed, I went to the office to ask them what happened to Jive's bed, did he dirty it and maybe it is getting washed. I spoke to his carer who said. Sorry, Jive decided to rip his bed to pieces. Oh, I thought maybe he was looking for his chicken frame, he probably thought I know I buried it somewhere in this bed.

The next couple of visits we worked on our round the chair for a nice GO which he is doing nicely from a distance. We also have been doing lots of shadow handling which he is doing nicely. I took a blue round disc for some perch work as Brittany the breeder said he was trained on perch work which he does rather well.

We also did lots of "Get It" throwing toys so he goes and retrieves and most of the time he will bring it back to you, and off course our recalls and lots of other stuff to fill in the hours.

Katie's last visit was funny as he had all of his toys scattered all over the exercise yard, he then proceeded to bring each toy back and lined them all up on the picnic rug, then sat down with them all.

Jive picking up all of his toys.

Jive after he picked up his toys and put them all on the rug

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kris meets Jive

Kris, Katie's husband and Katie visited Jive last week, he was very excited meeting Kris and both got on extremely well.

Katie gave him a chicken frame but instead of eating it he decided to bury it under his mattress in his new bed.

Playtime  - he loves his toys and playing

Katie and Jive taking a break.

Katie working on his recall and working on the around the chair we will be increasing the distance in the next couple of visits.

We bought him a bed and extra blankets to put in his kennel as it is very cold in Melbourne. Jive had a nice rest after his work out he loves his new bed.