Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing Hillcrest Jump'n Jive

We decided to write a blog on a working border collie named Jive that my daughter and I are importing from Oregon U.S. The blog will be mainly around the importing and then the training of Jive in agility. We decided to import a registered working border collie after spending months looking for a mate for Nakita, our lovely chocolate border collie, registered name Kayladene Born to Run . We could not find a suitable dog for her in Australia, that is when we decided to see what is available overseas.

In March 2009 after months of surfing the net and sending lots of emails to breeders I came across Hillcrest Border Collies. Brittany MacNeill the breeder said she would help us to import a dog to Australia.
Brittany gave me a couple of choices of litters that she would be breeding in the near future. We were looking at a particular line and as we sent our deposit to Brittany early we had first pick of the Singe/Rumor litter that was due in September 2009. Our preference was a  blue male merle with blue eyes with a lovely temperament. We had our fingers crossed Rumor would produce a blue merle male, she did the right thing and had six pups, three blue merle males, and three females with one female blue merle. Brittany always has a theme for her pups and this litter of pups were named after American beers. Before we named him his nickname was Porter which is an American beer.

It is a very long and expensive process importing a pup from the U.S to Australia as Australia has very strict AQIS procedures, dogs need to be quarrantined for 180 days in which 150 days can be spent overseas but the last 30 days must be spent in quarrantine in Australia. Jive had a lot of visits to the vet for various tests and blood sampling.

We decided we needed help to import Jive into Australia so have asked a company that specialises the importation of dogs into Australia. Jive will be flying out to Australia at the end of June 2010.

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  1. If Jive is anything like his sister Cricket you are in for such a good time ;-)-and he sure sounds like he is pretty awesome. I am so excited to see him coming to Australia and to hear about how his training will be going! Congrats on getting such an awesome guy-tell him his sis says howdy when he gets there! Kathy/Hillcrests Quick as a Cricket