Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catch Up - Jive's second birthday and Royal Melb Show

Well I am very much behind in my blog but I will try and catch up on the news.

Its was Mr Jive’s 2nd Birthday last month on the 16th September and WOW what a full on 2 years this boy has been on he was born and raised in USA for 10 months, flew over to Aust on a massive flight, trained and trialled in Agility and now in Masters jumping and every qualifier he has had has been a first place. He also become a daddy with two great kids.

Jive ran at the Royal Melbourne Show last month, he was a very good boy, he perched himself on top of his crate and was very content to sit there all day getting lots of pats from the public walking by. He ran in four events and very close in each of them, he seemed to love the crowd, nothing phased him at all. Below is a vid of his Open Jumping course where the handler could not go over the pink line. He unfortunately knocked one bar as it was a very difficult angle, but he still came 3rd with an NQ.

Jive at the Royal Melbourne Show 2011


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  1. I LOVE the picture of Jive hanging out on top of his crate. HE just looks so good and it is so hard to believe what he has done in just two years, what a great boy-Cricket says her bro is the BEST!!!!