Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jive's Year in 2011

Jive has had a fantastic year with gaining titles in AD, JD, JDX, and ADX with first places in every event.
He also has two first places in Masters Jumping, Jive and Kris both have grown together as a great team and will be better for it next year. Jive will be trying out for the teams event in March to be run at the Nationals, we will be travelling to the Nationals in June 2012 which will be a great event, as all states in Australia will be competing at the Nationals in NSW. Jive also fathered two great little pups Spark and Roxy in August this year. So he did have a rather busy year.

Jive was awarded his sash at club this year with his titles that he gained.

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  1. wow, what a fantastic year so full of accomplishments for such a young dog, I bet it is going to be a REALLY FANTASTIC year for Jive-GOOOOOO TEAM JIVE!!!!!!