Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foundation agility training has started for Jive

Jive has been home now for 10 days, he has settled in really well, he loves running in the bush every morning with the other dogs. I go with John and the dogs now in the morning as this is when I train Jive on his recall, not that he needed it as he already had a fantastic recall, but just to get him used to coming to me on any occassion. On these bush runs I also teach him to come and sit in a heel position or side position, we also train on our release word and our start line stay, we are also doing nose touches while out in the bush. So by having fun in the bush we also use that to train some basic foundation stuff which is needed for agility. Bush runs are also great for getting dogs fit and getting them used to jumping all sorts of branches, logs or whatever gets in their way while they are chasing each other around the bush.

We have just started putting a few of these skills together in the agility field. I have started Jive on puppy jumping grids with a send to a target and a recall over the bump jumps. I love the sending to a target as this gets the dogs to focus ahead and not worry about the handler. As you can see we have had lots of rain as it is rather muddy everywhere.

Recall over the jump bumps

Send over the jump bumps

We have also worked on the tunnel, at first it was a very rolled up tunnel without bends and now he can fly through any bended tunnel.


  1. He looks awesome!!! Nice work with the jump bumps, I see your making up for lost time in a great way it :-) Keep up with the postings I love seeing Jive sooooo happy.

  2. Jive looks FANTASTIC!!! You guys look so good together!