Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jive at the beach and school

Jive has been staying with Katie for a couple of weeks, Katie is taking him to obedience classes at Croydon, mainly for socialisation and meeting lots of new people and meeting lots of doggies and being in a different environment. In class Katie has so much time as Jive knows all of the exercises already so Katie uses that time by doing shadow handling, workng on nose touches, and other foundation exercises while she is waiting her turn.

Katie and her friend Laura took the dogs to the beach the other week, although it has been very wet and cold in Melbourne, we did manage to see the sun for a small amount of time. Jive thought it was so much fun.

Laura's dog Levi turned two the other week and Jive went to his birthday party, he loved the cake but a bit unsure of the noise when every one started singing Happy Birthday.

I have just started taking Jive to foundation agility lessons, Katie brings Jive to classes every Wednesday night, we first of all had an assessment night where the owners needed to be in control of their dogs with a basic sit, recall, no aggression to other dogs or people,  dogs need to know how to play with toys, of course Jive passed this with no problems.

We have also been playing the Susan Garrett games from her e course which we find lots of fun playing.
Jive's favourite game is when Kris goes and hides in the bush and then Jive has to go and find him, he gets so excited.


  1. Jive looks like he had a great time with the water, and he sounds like a super star at school. I am doing the SG ecourse with Cricket too, and I am having sooo much fun with her-that has turned out to be a fun course for us--too bad you are not closer so we could get these siblings together to do some of their work ;-). The doggies all look so cute enjoying their party!

  2. I get so excited when you have a new post of Jive, He is turning out to be quite the handsome dog, Its hard to believe that in less than a month they will be 1 year old, Rumor and Moe send their love

  3. CRAZY that he is nearly one>>

    What an awesome boy...he is having so much fun, last night Kris played hide and seek with Jive Kirra and Nakita and they just LOVED IT running around the house like crazy bananas!!!
    tonight its off to the bush for a BIG run...

    Jive says a BIG Hi to all his family over in the USA :O)