Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jive's First Birthday

Jive had his first birthday on the 16th September 2010, Katie organised a birthday party for him and all of our dogs. He is starting to love birthday parties as he knows he will get lots of yummy cake and Jive just loves his food.
All waiting for a piece of birthday cake

Opening some of his presents, Jive does not like sharing his toys.

Jive has been busy this last month, most of the time he has spent at Katie's were she has been taking him to obedience classes on a Sunday, we figure we had better get some good control in early with Jive otherwise he could easily turn into a ferral young dog. I have also been taking him to agility foundation lessons, I did enrol him into K9 agility club which is outside under lights, but we have had the wettest winter for some years and the classes have been cancelled for the last two months.

Agility Foundation Skills
After his first birthday Jive has been at my place and working on one jump exercises, I love the Linda Mecklenburg Jumping book, I have bought a jump inside and we do one jump exercises for collection.
We have also been working on our 2x2 weavers and are up to lesson 4, he has picked this up quickly and having lots of fun. Will put on video in the next day or two.

Since we have bought him home Jive has been working on his nose touches for his contacts, play drive, start line stays. Perch work, trotting through ladders, walking backwards. He also is doing a lot of shadow work, with accelaration and decel. Front crosses on the flat and also basic exercises for the rear cross.

Jive loves his tunnels and we are getting a lot of drive sending him through tunnels from a distance, we need to teach a lot of distance as I don't think anyone will be able to keep up with him. Jive just seems to love learning and doing anything that has anything to do with jumping and running. He gets very vocal when another dog is training  he needs to learn to be patient before he has his turn.

Jive chasing his girlfriend Nakita through the tunnel.

Jive watching Nakita and asking when is it my turn.


  1. I am really glad Jive had a great birthday!!! It is hard to believe the first year is over already and Jive is a year old!!! He has grown into such a BEAUTIUL, HANDSOME, ENERGETIC, SMART young dog! It is going to be so exciting watching Jive in the next few months-so many things are happening. His training sounds like it is going wonderfully, I can not wait to see his video of his weave training. Bet he is loving the weaves! Cricket is also doing the Linda M jumping exercises, it really is too bad you dont live closer!

  2. Jive loves his weavers, yes it would be great if we lived close but at least we have the internet to see each others puppies.Hope it cools down for you guys soon.

  3. Wow, Jive and Jaz look a like in that picture.
    I love reading about our little Australian baby. I can't wait to see more video of him.

  4. We are having trouble with the video camera as it is full, so now need to work out how to back it all up. Hopefully Katie will work it out this weekend.