Monday, December 6, 2010

Jives first Xmas party

Have been very busy lately with work as everyone wants a nice clean, clipped dog before xmas, however Jive and I get up early and do some training every morning. Jive went to his first xmas party last week and played the game of tunnellers, he thought it was so much fun, he only has ever done one tunnel before so he was a bit confused and asked lots of  questions when he had nine tunnels in a row to run through, he managed to get second pretty good effort for a baby boy.

Jive working on his weaving, jumping and 2o2o for his dog walk


  1. Jive is so adorable on the tunnelers course, he does look like he is saying "hey, we just did a tunnel, theres another one?" The 2020 is gorgeous, he is really driving into position and looks like he has such a beautiful position-you did a fantastic job teaching that it looks like-Hope Crickets will look that beautiful ;-). Jive does some awesome weaves and he really does so good on the little course. He looks so FANTASTIC! You guys have really done some AWESOME work!!! Kathy with Cricket

  2. WOW!!!!! You guys ROCK. His weaves looks awesome Great job with Jive.

  3. Thanks guys, I am so glad he loves his weavers as I think that is the hardest obstacle to teach. Although we are going to try the running A frame which is a bit scary as I have never trained a dog on a running contact before.