Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jives first day on full height of Dog Walk

Jive did his first full height of his dog walk today, yesterday we had the dog walk on crates so he could get used to running on a low dog walk,  he thought it was great fun, so today we put the dog walk to full height.


More training for Jive
We trained on putting together our weavers and dog walk, then did some jumping with a leadout pivot and a rear cross. We now need to train our A frame in which we are going to try out the running A frame so that might take some time, we also need to work more on the seesaw.


  1. Jive looks FANTASTIC on the dog walk, what a great contact, beautiful position. He looks like he is jumping great and the sequencing looks fabulous. You are going to try the running aframe-we should be closer so the siblings could work on it together!!! You and Jive are just AMAZING!!! Kathy/Cricket

  2. You are one awesome trainer!!!!!!!! Jive is wonderful. I wish it wasn't raining here everyday so I could go out and work Moe :-( I can't wait to see how Jive does at his first trial he is getting pretty close.