Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jive gains his AD title

Jive won two of the two Novice Agility events at Moorabbin on the 16th July. It was a big field for novice agility with over 30 dogs competing, in each event. Jive put in two lovely runs and won both of them with a very good time of 26 seconds.

He also had two excellent jumping runs with only one fault in each so Jive and Kris had a super day.No more trials until the 28th August so another break from agility.

We have been training on our Weave Challenge which Jive is going extremely well, I need to video some of the challenges but we are up to week 7.

Jikata's very soon
Jive will be a daddy in four days as Nakita is due on the 4th August but she might go a bit early as she so big, poor Nakita can't get comfortable.

Nakita with only 4 days to go


  1. Hi Geraldine, Well done on Jive's AD title. Looks like he is going really well. All the best for Nikita's impending babies. Hope it all goes smoothly and you end up with a lovely healthy litter of pups. Karen

  2. CONGRATS, I am so happy for all of you wiht the title and sounds like so many exciting things happening....I can not wait to see Jives babies, those are going to be amazing pups with such wonderful parents! Jive looks fantastic, take care and give all your pups a big hug from me!!!