Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jive's a dad

I am a bit behind in my blog but for those who do not know Nakita has two lovely puppies, bit of a drama as she did have to have an Emergency C Section and three of her five puppies did not make it. But we are very lucky to have two lovely pups and Nakita live and well. Choc and white is the female very much like her mum, and the choc merle is a male just like his dad.
Below is a small video of the pups today at three and half weeks old.
Pups having a great time playing

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  1. The puppies are sooooo beautiful, I am so glad they are so beautiful, happy and healthy and so glad Nakita is good! You guys seem to be doing such a wonderful job raising and enjoying those beautiful little ones. You have to be so proud of the babies, and how much fun you have to look forward to with your little girl ;- ). Cricket is very proud of her nieces and nephews!