Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jives running A Frame

Jive has been busy with training his running Aframe this last month.

I decided to try and train a running A frame with Jive, as I have watched alot of dogs with running A frame contacts and they look so much smoother than the 2o2o method. Runnning Aframes seems to be better on the joints of the dogs. I would love to train a running dog walk but I just do not think I would keep up with Jive with a running dogwalk, also the dog walk is not as steep as the A Frame so there fore not so damaging too the joints.

I have videoed a couple of the segments of the running A frame, although I videoed them all today we have been training on the box and the grid for some 4 weeks now with three or four short sessions a day.

Our first segment is adding value to the box, once the dog loves going into the box, we then add the pounce out of the box. Once that is perfected we add the grid line which is the same distance that a dog would jump from the upper part of the A frame and then one pounce into the down contact, and another pounce into the colour.
Video below on some of the segments we have been working on:

Next segment is the grid line, this is the same line as the Aframe itself.

Today is the first day Jive has gone near an A frame we did back chain the A frame a couple of times, we then  put it all together and have a lovely running A frame. We still have a long way to go as the A Frame is not at its full height still another 10-12 inches before it is at its full height. We also need to fade the pvc box  and also we need to add add turns and rear crosses to the running of the A frame, but I am very pleased with where we are at, running contacts are a lot of work but I think they are worth it in the end.


  1. what a beautiful place you have!!!! I can't believe you are wearing shorts, we got snow 5 days ago and it is frozen solid, Poor Moe doesn't get to do agility outside :-( You are doing such a wonderful job with Jive, so much farther ahead than me and Moe, I don't think we will ever be close to the team you and Jive have become, Thanks for posting the video's it inspires me to train more. Happy New Year

  2. WOW, Jive looks FANTASTIC!!!! YOu have been working!!! You guys are so exciting to watch--and gosh LOVE the rubberized Aframe, and your yard is so perfect---Jive is a lucky guy with the great resevoir to swim in and that great agility yard and such great trainers working with him. Thanks for posting the video of his Aframe work, it motivates me to get going-we have had a lot of days we could not work because of the rain and then we were doing the weaves.....we are just putting the box on the aframe and back chaining, so Cricket has yet to do her first real full aframe-hope she does as good as Jive is doing!!!

  3. Good luck with the running AF Geraldine..we are having a play with running contacts as well, they are a lot of fun but a completely different kettle of fish to stopped ones!