Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jump'n Jive working on full height running A frame

Australia Day today in Australia which means a public holiday. Katie and Kris came down and we all went to the beach. The dogs had a great time swimming and splashing around in the water.

Jive has been busy the last couple of weeks with working on his full height A frame, also we had to revisit our weavers and we worked on proofing the entries and exits. We worked on the challenges of the 2x2 DVD of Susan Garrett, lots of great exercises to go through on Susans DVD. Over the next two months we will be working on full courses in readiness for his debut of trialling.

Jive at work with me in the grooming shed
Jive comes to work with me each day as I work as a groomer from home, so everyday Jive comes up to the shed with me and puts himself on the grooming table and checks out all the customers for the day. He loves just sitting around and keeping me company. Any free time we have we go and have a training session of agility which he loves.

More Agility Training
Jive has also been working on his dogwalk, table, jumps and seesaw, there is so much to learn for a young dog, but Jive loves to learn and he loves his agility. At the end of the day he loves to climb on the chair with John or myself and have a big cuddle.


  1. Jive sure looks like he leads the ideal life for a doggie!!! It is so exciting to watch him doing his agility, Geraldine you have done such an outstanding job with such a fantastic boy!!!It really seems like you are having such a good time with him, that is so cool to see, and I am so glad Crickets Bro posts lots of video and pictures so I get to watch him grow up!!! Kathy/Cricket

  2. Hey Geraldine,
    Jive is looking good! Esp like his AF and weavers :)

  3. Thanks Kathy and Kriszty, it is so great when you have dog that really loves training in agility.