Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jive's first full practice jumping course

Jive had his first full practice course yesterday in which I set the course up at home, Ron Diamond from  Victoria designed the course it is an excellent jumping course, although I did add a couple of modifications. The course ran very smoothly with a lead out pivot and then some nice controled circle work, into a tunnel with a rear cross, then into another tunnel with a nice Go home.

The main reason I chose this course as I always envied handlers with their dog having a great Go at the end of a course. That is the one thing I did not teach Jazz she tends to slow down and says well are you coming. So I was determined for Jive to have a great Go. As Jive loves his tug he was pretty easy to teach the Go.


  1. wow, LOOK AT JIVE GO!!!!!! THat is FANTASTIC!!! Love how you placed the reward at the end of the run, and love his go....what a fantastic team you guys are!!! I am going to put Cricket in front of the computer and we will both watch the run several times and maybe it will all rub off on us, hehehehehe. Kathy/Cricket

  2. You two are ROCK STARS!!!!! Wow its fun to see how our pups are becoming grown up dogs, Really nice work with Jive, he is totally AWESOME.