Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania

We are off to Tasmania this Thursday night sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania arriving on Friday morning at 7am. We have a cabin booked so should be lots of fun. Katie and I plus husbands and six dogs. We have a double trial this weekend, followed by some sightseeing of Tasmania during the week, the guys are hoping to get some golf and fishing in. Then we have another double trial the following weekend. This Saturday morning Jive has his first Novice Agility and Novice Jumping event.

We have been busy trialling the last couple of weekends with two double trials one after another in the country. Jive has had two weeks off as he tore his dew claw half off, he was scheduled for his hip score so we had his dew claw removed while he was under. He did come to Warrnambool with us and had a ball swimming in the ocean after the trials. Although he was rather bored hanging around waiting as he was 4 days short of 18 months so could not enter the trial.

Jive looking bored and saying when do I get a go at the fun stuff

Katie getting Jive used to all of the noise and commotion at ringside

We had an awesome time at Warrnambool with Katie and I winning 9 out of the 12 Masters rings. 
Some of the runs we won.

Coffee break on way home from Warrnambool, with the public holiday traffic it was a long five hours in the car.

I gave Jive his first training session tonight after having two weeks off, he really enjoyed himself.
(Not real good quality as I videoed session with iphone.)

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  1. Jive looks FANTASTIC, we will be thinking of you guys on Saturday-that is going to be so much fun. The Aframe looks so good, as do his weaves, boy he looks so good with everything-you have done such a wonderful job with his training! Kathy with Cricket