Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jive wins his first Novice Jumping trial at Hobart

Getting ready to board the Spirit of Tasmania in Melbourne.

Jives first trial was in Hobart on the 19th March 2011, I ran him in Novice Jumping, it was really exciting to run him in his first trial after 10 months of training, finally the real thing. Jive was a good boy and won the ring.

He did have several runs in Novice both in agility and jumping over two weekends first weekend in Hobart second weekend in Launceston, most runs with only one fault in each, although we will need to work on his start line stay as he did manage to stand up in a couple of the runs on the first weekend. I was very happy with his running Aframe and his weavers although we might need to train on some more trickier entries especially coming from a running A frame. Katie ran him in a couple of the runs and won Novice Jumping in Launceston. So now he only needs one more qualifier to gain his title of JD. Katie and I ran him and Ace in Strategic Pairs and won the ring in Launceston. No video of Strat pairs as our videoing man was playing golf all weekend.

Below is a video of some of his runs in Hobart and Launceston

Launceston runs

This weekend we have a double trial at Geelong, Jive has 8 runs over two days,  Kris, Katie's husband will now be running Jive. I have had so much fun training Jive as he just loves to learn, run and jump so he really is easy to teach. I am sure Kris will enjoy running Jive as he is so much fun.

Dogs having fun running up and down on the sanddunes on some lovely dog friendly beaches in Tassie


  1. WOW, Jive is SOOOOO AWESOME and you all have done such a spectacular job wit the training and handling, it has to be so exciting to see it all coming together so beautifully!!! HUGE CONGRATS on the first, I am sure it is the first of MANY to come!!!!

  2. Thanks Kathy, I am sure Cricket is going to be one awesome little girl once you start trialling with her.

  3. Hi Geraldine. Congratulations on Jive's first weekend of trialling. He looks fantastic and I have no doubt that he has a very bright agility future in front of him! Karen