Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jive running with Kris at Geelong

Kris and Jive had a great weekend trialling together at Geelong last weekend, although they did not end up with Quallies they did have some lovely runs together, just a couple of small hiccups.  Jive has been staying at Katie and Kris's place these last two weeks so Kris can put some time in to train Jive and run with Jive to get their timing worked out and work as a team, as this is a must for agility.

Jives's sashes he did not qualify as one bar down in each event but still managed first place in both of the Novice Agility events.

This Easter weekend we have a double trial on Saturday and Sunday, Jive has eight events in Novice Jumping and Novice Agility, in the mean time Jive is having lots of fun with his girlfriends Nakita and Kirra.


  1. I LOVE watching Jive, he looks a lot like Cricket when she is jumping. It is hard to believe he is still such a baby dog without a lot of experience but he sure knows the game ;-). I tell you if it was not for the quarantines and all I would be sending Cricket to you all and begging you to put together all the little pieces we have done with our training, LOL, because you have just done so amazing. Give Jive a big hug from his auntie Kathy and his sis Cricket-and tell him we are so proud of him-we keep showing his videos to all our friends who are all so impressed too!

  2. Thanks Kathy, but I am sure you and Cricket will be an awesome team as you have put so much foundation in you will be amazed how Cricket will go. I have added a couple of photos of Jive to his lastest blog page.