Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jive gains his JD title

We had a double trial at Easter at Altona, lovely courses and lovely weather. Kris and Jive are starting to work as a team, they had two qualifiers one in jumping which was his JD title. The other one was first place in Novice Agility. Jive and Kris also had some other fantastic runs but with just the one fault in most of their runs. Next weekend the 14th May Jive will be running in excellent jumping.

Jive's Qualifing Runs

Some of Jive's runs where he had the one fault, although they were super runs for a baby boy.

Jive has been back at my place and having fun going for runs every morning with John and the other dogs through the bush and then goes for a swim in the dam. Jive just never stops running he has such a great time.

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  1. Jive is just doing so well, he is a blast to watch! CONGRATs on his title and good luck in EXCELLENT this weekend!!! We will be cheering for him!!!