Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jive's first run in Excellent Jumping

Jive had his first run in Excellent Jumping last weekend, he did a great job but with the famous one bar down. He had three runs in excellent jumping with one bar down in two of the events, he managed to get two seconds with an NQ in each, but still couple of nice sashes and two nice prizes. Jive also had two runs in Novice Agility with one bar down and the other run he missed the last weave.

Katie has been working on Jive's start line stays and this is going really well, Kris also is getting his timing much better with his rear crosses with Jive. I am really pleased with Jive's progress with lovely running A frames and nice fast weavers. He does all the hard stuff but just keeps knocking that one bar.

Jive's Excellent Jumping run

Jive and I  have been working on jump grids this week and lots of set point jumps as Jive is trialling this weekend at Knox.

I took the dogs for a run in the bush this afternoon as did not have any dogs to groom, dogs just had the best time.

Jive usually runs 10 laps everytime we get to this spot on our walk through the bush.

Dogs having a swim after their run in the bush

                                                 Dogs having a seat on our bush walk

Dogs all tired after their run and swim, getting warm beside the fire.


  1. Jive looks so good and I had noticed how wonderful his start lines are, his weaves are gorgeous and the Aframe is to die for....ya gotta have something to work on so....one bar isnt too bad-he is shaping up so nicely it is exciting! You are all doing so terrific!

  2. Nakita just watched her boyfriend and she wants to come for sleep overs at grandmas for some bush running and dam swimming!!!

  3. Yes Kathy it is good I guess that Jive has these one bar issues, as it is teaching Kris how too run Jive and getting his timing right.

  4. Nakita can come anytime to the farm, but you would probably miss her too much.