Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jive wins Excellent Jumping three times

Jive has been very busy since I posted last as he has won three excellent jumping events over the last three weekends, also he had three matings with Nakita so hopefully we will see little Jikita's early August.

Nakita ready to play with Mr Jive

Nakita and Jive playing together

Some of Nakita's runs at the Royal Show last year

Below is a video with Jive's  first two excellent jumping from Knox and Croydon. Jive has had a bit of trouble getting a qually in agility, if it is not one bar down it is a tunnel suck problem, we have got over those two problems and now we have a weave problem. Oh well back to more training.

Jive's win at Scottish Breeds

Jive's agility trials with weave problem


  1. I think Jive is so AMAZING and you have done such a good job with him, the fact he has baby dog momets and little set backs just keeps you on your toe and keeps training fun, ;-). I really admire how fantastically you have done-just teaching Cricket the aframe and how long it has taken us after how quickly Jive seemed to have gotten it-he has been really cool to watch and he really seems to be doing so well-I am always so impressed. I Love Jive. Wow, those will be some really super fantastic puppies!!!!

  2. Yeh it is fun training that's for sure, Jive has three agility runs this weekend, so hopefully he will get his entries as I have put a lot of work into his weavers this week.