Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Last weekend we trialled at Bulla which is near Melbourne's airport, it was a lovely winters day in Melbourne we even had a bit of sunshine we were lucky with the weather as only a light shower during the day.

Thanks to Robyn Evans for some great photos of Jive

The Good
Jive had a lovely run in Excellent Jumping and won the ring, there were over 30 dogs in excellent jumping, Kris handled Jive well  and he and Jive did a good job winning the ring. Only one more pass to go in Excellent Jumping and then he will be with the big kids in Masters.

The Bad
We are not having much luck in agility though, Jive had a lovely run in Novice Agility, we have been working on his weaver entries all week and he did a lovely job getting his entry as a lot of dogs stuffed up the entry. But this was the first time in his trialling that he missed the A frame contact, just when I saying to Kathy that we have not had any problems with the running A frame. Funny my older dog Merlot also missed his A frame in the same ring using the same A frame, so not sure why, maybe it was a bit higher than usual, but really no excuse. Jive did end up winning the ring with one fault as no qualifiers in novice.
Jive certainly enjoys himself running as you can hear him talking as he races around the ring with Kris.


  1. Wow, Jive is such a beautiful jumper and that jumpers run was GORGEOUS. Great standard run, I slowed down the video and Jive looks really balanced going up the aframe, but that first hit -the hit-was so low, I wonder if it was that giant tunnel so close to the aframe calling the dogs name so they just had too much extension trying to get to that tunnel. I am going to have to set up a similar scenerio with Cricket and see how that goes. Was that tunnel as close to the aframe as it looks on video? I think it is amazing how consistent Jive has been, esp for a young dog, I really hope Cricket does even half as well as he has. I am so glad you post trial videos, it is soooo much fun to see Jive run with you guys-he is just awesome. Give him a big hug and tell him his sister thinks he is AMAZING! Kathy/Cricket

  2. Probably could be the tunnel as he has lots of tunnel suck. Have been practising today with same setup and can't fault him. Tunnel would be our minimum which is 4 metres.