Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jive wins Novice Agility

Jive had three attempts at novice agility on the weekend and managed to win one, the other two he had a bit of trouble with the weave entries as the other two courses were very difficult with the weavers. Below Jive's winning run with Katie handling Jive.

Weave Pole Challenge

I came home from the weekend at Morwell and thought we must train some more on weaving and then when I read Kathy's blog I thought what a good idea.

Kathy and her girls at Agility Adventures are doing a weave pole challenge and I thought as Jive has been failing in his weavers in Novice Agility it would be a great idea to do the Weave Challenge with Jive's sister Cricket and others . It will be good training and lots of fun, Jive is pretty good at the weavers but lately we have been getting some really hard entries in novice and he has just not been gettting them.

We are a bit late in starting but over the last two days we have been doing some of the work in week 1 and 2 as we need to get to the hard entries as Jive is competing this weekend and it would be nice to get out of novice agility. We are supposed to have only the six poles but seeing we are competing on Saturday I am working on the 12 poles this week.
So, if you want to join the challenge or if you just want a really good description of the exercises just click here .

My videoing  is not too good and I did not video all of the exercises, I should be better next week when I now know what I am doing. We are in the middle of winter in Australia so it is very wet and muddy, hence the gumboots.


  1. All right Jive, CONGRATS on his win! I love his contacts that aframe is looking really nice, have you had to do further training with the running aframe or has it just been holding up well? How is it handling the aframe? GOOD LUCK this weekend, I can not wait to hear how he does, and hope you get video ;-)--GOOOOOO JIVE! Kathy/Cricket.

  2. Thanks Kathy, his A frame has been going well, no problems so far. Love the running A frame it is so much better for the dogs not to say it is so much faster. It is a bit different when walking the course how you need to run forward and not stop and wait for the 2o2 contact, but great fun.

  3. You just did such a fantastic job teaching the aframe, and I am really getting excited because we are getting close now, I might be writing to you to get advice about how to handle them!

  4. Congrats on the win that's really great! The run looked AWESOME! :) You seem to have good timing to run such a fast dog.

    I am considering joining the weave poll challenge too if the rain clears up!