Friday, June 25, 2010

Meeting Jive in Quarrantine 25/06/10

The day finally had arrived where we met Jive, it was so great to see that little face poking out of his enclosure, he had a great big smile on his face when we came and said hello to him. What a lovely friendly boy he is, nothing seems to phase him with having that big adventure travelling halfway across the world on and off planes, in different kennels, meeting lots of strangers, he just wags his tail  and trys to give you lots of kisses. He certainly loves people and just seems to love life

Visiting hours were 1pm-4pm, Katie and I arrived just after 1pm and spent nearly three hours with him. We were allowed to take him to the exercise area where we played with him and gave him lots of treats and toys, wow he certainly loves his food. Our time was up way too soon, we felt like sneaking him out of the gate and taking him home with us, but of course we did the right thing and put hime back in his kennel, and left him with a nice big juicy bone.


  1. wow, he looks like he knows he belongs with you, all ready to play and work, and he sure seems to have taken his adventure in stride! CONGRATS---Kathy/Cricket

  2. That is awesome and brought the biggest smile to my face.

  3. Hey Geraldine & Katie. Congratulations on your new arrival. Jive looks like a really lovely happy boy. Hope you have a great time getting to know him. I look forward to reading about his progress on your blog! Karen

  4. Jive looks great Geraldine! Like Karen I am looking forward to reading about his progress, and no doubt seeing him at the next nationals :)