Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jives arrives in Australia 24/06/10

Good news James from the IPTLAX has emailed us and told us that Jive has arrived safely in Melbourne this morning at approx 7.45am after a 15 hour trip from Los Angeles to Melbourne Airport.

Katie rang quarrantine this afternoon the girl she spoke to said it looks as if he travelled really well they are very happy with him. They said he is now getting used to his surroundings and has eaten and gone to the toilet. The girl from quarrantine said he has a great personality and is such a happy boy.

Jive needs to be seen by a vet before we are allowed to take him out side in the off lead area for a big run and the vet will be seeing him this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Katie and I will be visiting him tomorrow Friday 25th June. We are allowed to bring him toys and bones, the girl Katie spoke to on the phone sounds really nice and generally sounded like she really likes him. She will be his carer for his entire stay.

Only one more sleep before we meet Mr Jive, and we will be taking lots of photos.


  1. :-), well NOW I am so glad he arrived safetly. I sure hope you get a lot of pictures! I am excited for you, it will have to be so much fun for you and Jive to finally meet up-the start of many wonderful years to come Im sure!

  2. I'm really happy that you will finally get to meet Jive!!! What a trooper to make it all the way across the world safe and sound. I can't wait to hear how the day goes when you see him for the first time.