Monday, June 28, 2010

Second visit to Jive in Quarrantine

It was a cold winters day in Melbourne, but luckily the sun came out in the afternoon as I drove to Spotswood Quarrantine for the second time to visit Jive. Katie was at work so went by myself, silly me forgot my camera but did some videoing on my tripod. Jive was very glad to see me when I went to his kennel to get him. We had to work hard to keep warm so we had some fun doing a bit of shadow handling, and basic obedience, he is such a good boy. Gave him a brush and he just lay back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I took my flask of coffee and a picnic rug so Jive and I had a bit of a picnic in the exercise yard as we had three hours to fill in.


  1. you and Jive look so good together! ;-) . Kathy/Cricket/Liz/Breeze

  2. Jive looks so happy!!! I bet you are now counting down the days until he goes home with you :-)

  3. What a happy boy cant wait till my visit this week>> i just love his enthusiasm what a little champ...25 days 12 minutes and 44 secs till he comes home YAY!!!!