Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kris meets Jive

Kris, Katie's husband and Katie visited Jive last week, he was very excited meeting Kris and both got on extremely well.

Katie gave him a chicken frame but instead of eating it he decided to bury it under his mattress in his new bed.

Playtime  - he loves his toys and playing

Katie and Jive taking a break.

Katie working on his recall and working on the around the chair we will be increasing the distance in the next couple of visits.

We bought him a bed and extra blankets to put in his kennel as it is very cold in Melbourne. Jive had a nice rest after his work out he loves his new bed.


  1. It looks like Jive really likes his new bed, what a funny guy to bury his chicken, very clever, LOL. Jive looks so happy, he looks like he REALLY likes his family!

  2. Nice bed you got for Jive!!! What a happy boy he is, it looks like he is doing awesome. Maybe he was saving his chicken for later when you went home as he was too busy playing with Katie and bouncing off of Kris(hee hee)I Love reading Jive's blog