Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only five days to go

Jive only has another five days in prison then he will finally be free, it seems to be going on forever but finally we are down to the last week.

Katie and Kris had another visit to Jive last week, Katie started teaching Jive to shake hands, he is very quick to learn new stuff.

Katie bought Jive a new blue collar and lead, ready for his big escape this Saturday.


  1. OOH glad for all of you that the final count down until the big escape is on....I wonder who will be more happy once Jive gets to be who finally gets to have Jive at home, or Jive to get out of quarantine and gets to finally settle into his new home with his new mom!!

  2. whoops, forgot Cricket- Jive's sister says HAPPY TEN MONTH BIRTHDAY!! Amazing how fast these little characters have got to be ten months old!

  3. Thanks Kathy, Happy birthday to Cricket as well, send a photo of Cricket to me when you get a chance.
    email address:

  4. Moe is really happy his brother gets to go home in less than one week YEAH!!!! Love his trick :-)