Monday, July 12, 2010

Bath Time for Jive

I decided to give Jive a hydrobath at quarrantine on my visit to Jive yesterday, as he started to smell a bit.
Jive enjoyed his nice warm hydo bath and was a good boy especially when I put on the loud dryer he did not like the noise but put up with it. Now we have a nice sweet smelling boy.

Jive getting towel dried after his bath.

Jive enjoying his pigs ear after his bath


  1. Jive looks all pretty and fluffy!--Kathy with Cricket/Liz/Breeze

  2. He looks so clean, not too much longer until he get to go home with you, How many days left?
    His brother Moe said to tell him Hi and he will sure miss him when he goes to Brittney's next time.

  3. He looks so clean, How many days are left until he gets to go home with you? Moe said to tell Jive he will miss him when he goes to visit Brittney next time :-)

  4. SOOO very fluffy cant wait to go see him tomorrow :O) he just LOVES his pigs ears that boy!!!!

    Only 9 days 16 hours and 59 minutes till I go pick him up!!!!!!!