Friday, July 9, 2010

Case of the Missing Bed

We settled Jive into his new bed in his kennel, he loved his new round bed, so we thought at least he will be nice and warm on these cold Melbourne nights. Alas the next time I visited Jive I went to check his kennel and no bed, his mattress and extra blankets were there but no round bed, I went to the office to ask them what happened to Jive's bed, did he dirty it and maybe it is getting washed. I spoke to his carer who said. Sorry, Jive decided to rip his bed to pieces. Oh, I thought maybe he was looking for his chicken frame, he probably thought I know I buried it somewhere in this bed.

The next couple of visits we worked on our round the chair for a nice GO which he is doing nicely from a distance. We also have been doing lots of shadow handling which he is doing nicely. I took a blue round disc for some perch work as Brittany the breeder said he was trained on perch work which he does rather well.

We also did lots of "Get It" throwing toys so he goes and retrieves and most of the time he will bring it back to you, and off course our recalls and lots of other stuff to fill in the hours.

Katie's last visit was funny as he had all of his toys scattered all over the exercise yard, he then proceeded to bring each toy back and lined them all up on the picnic rug, then sat down with them all.

Jive picking up all of his toys.

Jive after he picked up his toys and put them all on the rug

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  1. Oh Jive, he sounds like a determined guy looking for that chicken, too bad he tore up his bed in the process ;-(. The look on Jives face is so cute, he looks like he really enjoys his time with you!!!--Kathy with Cricket,Liz,Breeze