Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jive comes home at last

It was a busy day today for Jive, Katie and Kris picked up Jive at AQIS this morning at 9.30am. Hooray at long last.

Goodbye AQIS

Jive in the car on his way to his new home

Katie and Kris went straight home to introduce Jive to Kirra and Jive's girlfriend Nakita, we were a bit worried about Nakita as she sometimes does not like certain dogs but they got on as if they knew each other all their lives. What a little hussy!!!!!!
See video below.

Then after introductions at Katie's house they drove to my place, Jive got to meet my three dogs, Merlot, Jazz and Ace. No problems at all they all got on so well, so we took them all for a run in the bush which is behind my place, they had the best time, Jive was beside himself he just ran and ran. And thanks to Brittany he has the best recall, every time he went off for a run we called his name he came bounding back, gave him a treat and then off he went again.

After their run they were all so muddy as it is winter in Australia, very wet and muddy conditions. We decided they could get clean by going for a swim in the dam, Jive decided I will get wet but not too sure on the swim, he watched as Nakita did lots of diving and swimming, he will eventually get the swimming idea maybe when we go in with him in the warmer months.

Nakita diving in the water and Jazz and Jive looking on.

Ace running with Jive

Dogs after their run
From left: Nakita, Kirra, Jive, Jazz, Merlot and Ace

After a great run and swim in dam, Katie decided Jive needed a hydro bath, so off he went for a bath and blowdry.

After that he came inside and jumped on the couch and watched some of our agility runs from last weekend. He was a very tired boy at the end of the day.


  1. WOW that looks like one happy dog! Congrats on getting your boy home. Jive looks like he sure has a gorgeous group of dogs to live/play with now. I LOVE the picture of Nakita diving in the water with the others watching on, that is a gorgeous picture. That whole litter of Rumor/Singe puppies seems to get along famously with all other dogs, I know Cricket has never had a problem with any dog she has met, even grumpier dogs-she just has a way with them, and I LOVE that about those dogs! I need to get a new picture of Cricket to send to you.

  2. Jive looks like he has lived his whole life with you and all the dogs!!! I got teary eyed I was so happy watching the videos of Jive playing with his new family. Thanks for posting the videos and photo I love them.